Playground Mulch for Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia Subheading

We deliver and install Certified Engineered Wood Fiber, which is a higher quality type of playground mulch that is deemed safe for playgrounds. Our certified engineered wood fiber is not only high quality and safe for children to play on, but it is popular use of surfacing for many schools and daycares throughout Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. We deliver and install wood fiber througout the DC metro area.

this is playground mulch

How do I order Certified Engineered Wood Fiber?

If your school or playground would like a quote for engineered wood fiber delivery, just give us a call at 301-840-0707. We are available Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm.

How much Certified Engineered Wood Fiber do I need?

The wood fiber on your playground should be at least 9 inches deep, to provide sufficient cushioning for children. Wood fiber is a loose material, and it settles about 30%. So, if you add 12" of wood fiber to a new play area that doesn't have any surfacing, you'll end up with 8" - 9" once it settles down.

Once we know the size of your playground and desired depth, we can then provide an estimate. Engineered Wood Fiber is sold in cubic yards. To figure out how much engineered wood fiber you need, just click here

What if I don't know how many cubic yards I need?

That is not an issue at all. If you know the square footage, then we can easily calculate how many cubic yards you need over the phone.Or, use our handy calculator If you do not know the square footage, that is also not a problem. If necessary, we can visit your playground first in order to provide an accourate quote.