Shade Structure Installation in Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia Subheading

We specialize in installing shade structures

Keep your playground visitors cool and protect your play equipment. We have installed dozens of shade structures throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area. We have the knowledge, resources and professionalism to get the job done right. We are happy to provide references of previous work. Our satisfied shade clients include the National Zoo, Maryland National Capital Parks and Planning (M-NCPPC), and Towson University in Maryland. In addition to installation, we also sell a full range of shades that you or your contractor can install for you. Visit our playground shades site at

How to get shades installed for your organization

  • Take accurate measurements of the area you need shaded
  • If the shade unit is to be installed over existing play equipment, keep in mind that you need to keep 72" clear on all sides of the play units and 84" clear directly above the highest place on the equipment where kids are supposed to stand. (For structures with platforms, it's usually the platforms themselves. For swing sets, it's the horizontal swing beam that the swings are attached to.)
  • Call us at (301) 840-0707 to discuss what kind of shades are needed for your site
  • We visit your site in person and provide a quote
  • Once we come to an agreement on a quote and the work to be done, our team begins the process of installing the shade. A typical shade unit takes 3 days to install: 1 day to dig the holes, put the posts in the ground, and pour the concrete; 1 day to let the concrete cure; and 1 day to come back and attach the canopy.

Types of shades available for purchase

a hexagon shade structure
 an umbrella shade canopy
a cantilever shade structure
a square shade structure

Watch our Video on Shade Installation!